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O  F  F  E  R  S

Six weeks of summer  


School is out for summer and the next few weeks will be an amazing time to make memories, whether you are off on your adventures or taking some much needed chill time from home. 

It can be tricky to stick to good habits when you are busy having fun - but now it's super easy! 

With my daily ten minute practices, you are in charge of your timings - you can practise anytime, anywhere, all you need is your phone and a mat.

Ten minutes is a short enough time for you to fit into any day, and long enough to make you feel amazing every day. 

It's yours for £30 for the six weeks up to September - a special summer saving of 50% on usual pricing.

By doing this for you, no matter where you go or what you do this summer, you will always have a bit of time just for you, to feel good. 

Message me to sign up x


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