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C  O  U  R  S  E  S  

Sylvie Ball Yoga Coach 

6/12 week online course 


January - March 2022


As the new year approaches, we are often full of good intentions and resolutions for the future. But often, these resolutions do not stick. Creating new, healthy habits alone can be tricky and frustrating. It can take anywhere between three weeks to eight months for a person to form a new habit, and an average of 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic. This is where having coaching support can be invaluable. Someone with experience and knowledge to help us through the challenges with clarity, compassion and consistency.

Yoga is a transformative practice that can bring welcome change to both the body and mind. Through regular practice of yoga, most people will experience a range of benefits that transcend the physical. Yoga helps us learn about self-compassion, patience, and the importance of regular practice. It helps us find ways to relax, de-stress and find joy on even the most difficult of days. It can be used to help create sustainable positive changes to rebalance our lives.

I have years of yoga teaching experience and my focus is to help you find and cultivate what is important and beneficial to you, focusing on the whole person approach to well-being. I have practical tools to guide you through the trickiest challenges.

My approach is clear, simple and practical. I use clear and concise language and make my points in an easily digestible way. My focus is to help you uncover your own strengths and create practical ways to support your journey into well-being.

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This is a flexible online programme delivered via live online classes, pre-recorded short daily practices, a weekly Zoom team call and set weekly aims and objectives. It will familiarise you with the basics of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, while equipping you with crucial skills for self-care and accountable goal setting. I will be your coach to help you establish your well-being priorities, using yoga as a powerful tool for creating lasting, positive change. You will be supported on both on a one-to-one and group level to help you achieve your goals and keep you focused and motivated.


The programme is designed to be flexible, allowing you both structure and space to fit in with your schedule. You have an option to sign up for 6 weeks or the full 12 week course. The longer we allow to embed new habits and routines, the more successful we are in retaining these habits and creating lasting change. Therefore the first part of the course is focused on discovery, goal setting and learning while the second part is about embedding, sustainability and motivation.


The programme aims to

  • Transform habits

  • Teach essential skills for well-being and focus

  • Embed new routines

  • Provide experience of new techniques

  • Help find and create space in your life for you

  • Help create calm in your busy life

  • Show how to prioritise better and stay focused

  • Increase enjoyment and presence through mindfulness

  • Bring about relaxation

  • Strengthen, tone, destress and balance the body

  • Negotiate obstacles

  • Increase your self-acceptance and confidence

  • Familiarise you with breathing techniques

  • Introduce you to relaxation and meditation techniques

What is included

  • 1 weekly yoga class of your choice (relax, energise or strong)

  • 5 daily short videos per week for you to enjoy daily

  • Ongoing one-to-one and group level support via WhatsApp

  • Weekly Zoom call on progress and feedback (Sundays – can be recorded to view later)

  • Weekly goal setting, progress updates and feedback to keep you engaged, focused and achieving your goals


What the course will provide you with

  • A full well-being audit

  • Clear set of priorities with achievable goal setting

  • Dedicated support and coaching

  • Re-established well-being and life balance

  • Yoga skills and understanding

  • Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation skills

  • Improved physicality (strength, mobility, balance, well-being and confidence)

  • Improved mentality (more calm, focus, confidence, resilience, self-regulation)

  • Group support and encouragement


This course for those

  • Looking to create better self-care habits through yoga

  • Looking to re-balance their home and work life balance

  • Struggling to make time for themselves and prioritise their own well being

  • Looking for support in establishing and maintaining lasting good habits

  • Looking for more inner calm and stress relief

  • Looking to bring more clarity and focus into their lives in a harmonious, whole-person way

  • Ready to commit to creating lasting positive change in their lives



  • Q: I have never done yoga before. Is this course suitable for me?

       A: Yes, it is. I will book your private consultation prior to the                                course to ensure you can practice safely. I will also provide                          tailored support to you throughout the course.

  • Q: What do I need to do this course?

       A: Access to the internet, WhatsApp and Zoom. A yoga mat, with                   optional accessories such as yoga blocks and a yoga belt.



  • Q: What is the time investment?

       A: 10 minutes per day for your home practice (5 times a week), one                hour per week for a yoga class, 30 minutes per week for your                      Zoom call.



  • £99 for six weeks (2 January to 13 February 2022) – equivalent to £16.50 per week, or

  • £169 for twelve weeks (2 January to 27 March) – equivalent to £14 per week

  • You can also pay in two instalments of £99 (for each block, second instalment payable before 14 February)


Any questions? Drop me a message through the contact page


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