Sylvie Ball Yoga

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Classes attending regular classes is one of the best ways to establish a practice and anchor self care into our everyday routine. Come along for a free trial and choose a class plan that works the best for you.


One to one tuition is all about you! Practising in the comfort of your home, this is the ultimate personal yoga experience. These sessions are about your individual needs, and establishing a program to suit you.  


Online classes are a great way to practice when it is not practical to meet up in person. All you need is your screen and a space big enough for your mat to feel great from the comfort of your home. 

Corporate classes are a great way to look after your staff. Workplace sessions bring relaxation into the day without even leaving the building! These classes move, stretch and  refresh you, bringing you back to a calm, relaxed and focused state. 

Workshops longer group sessions exploring a specific theme in detail. Get into the topic with more time and enjoy a deeper experience and fuller understanding. 


Schools I have years of experience bringing yoga, mindfulness and meditation to schools, both to students and school staff. This can be a great way to introduce children to yoga and meditation in an age relevant way, or to reward hard working staff. 

Mindfulness and meditation skills and techniques to help you be more present, keep you calm and focused, manage stress and give your mind  and body time to rest and recharge. 

Yoga for recovery yoga can support recovery from illness or injury, and is hugely beneficial to clients living with chronic conditions. Using yoga in therapeutic ways can help with a wide range of issues and improve our overall sense of well-being.