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Sylvie Ball Yoga

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"Sylvie's yoga classes are like Sylvie, graceful and calm. I leave the class walking slightly taller and feeling uplifted. I thoroughly recommend for everyone - oh and her soundtrack is cool, too!" (K.)

"Office yoga is an hour of 'me' time, the perfect excuse to get away from my desk and get some well deserved relaxation in a calm and peaceful environment. I leave feeling calmer, refreshed and ready for the rest of my work day!" (P.)

"The class is a great way to take time for yourself to relax - which is something that I never really gave myself in between work and university. I would certainly recommend Sylvie's classes to anyone looking to strengthen their body and unwind in a really friendly environment." (C.)


"Sylvie has been visiting me for one to one sessions at my home for nearly two years. My condition means I am not able to commit to classes, so it is really helpful to have home visits. Since we started yoga, my health has improved in so many ways. I feel stronger, more supple and my energy levels are much higher than before. Sylvie is always understanding of my illness and does everything to provide me with the right type and level of exercise I need." (A.) 

"Sylvie's yoga class is fabulous; all the little touches are there to help you wind down and relax. Fairy lights, candles, incense sticks and lavender eye pillows. Blankets and mats provided so just turn up in your comfy clothes. There has been lots of good feedback within the class and a couple of people have had trouble sleeping and just after the first lesson they have slept through ever since. I am also finding that I am able to switch off and I feel much calmer in myself. Give it a try as you have nothing to lose as its a pleasure to attend." (L.)

"Thank you so much Sylvie for the yoga party - we absolutely loved it from beginning to end! It is just what we needed: calm and relaxing, a complete break from everything. You were brilliant and everyone said how much they enjoyed the party... It was a real treat...Thanks again!  Same time next year!" (E.)

"As busy primary school teachers, the well being of our children and staff is paramount. We enjoyed a fabulous afternoon with Sylvie who came into school to show us relaxation techniques that we can use during the day in the work place. The sessions were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and we have used some of the techniques Sylvie taught us since. Thank you!" (N.)

"I truly am an absolute beginner at yoga and had no idea what to expect but Sylvie makes you feel completely at ease and is such a great teacher with a wonderfully soothing voice. Lovely!" (J.)

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