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Yoga has been my companion for most of my adult life. When I need a safe place, somewhere to reconnect and recharge, yoga is there for me. When I was ill, it helped me get back to health and vitality. When life gets stressful, it gives me time and clarity. When I need space and balance, yoga always delivers.

Through regular practice I discovered how amazing I could feel, all of the time. The benefits reach way beyond the edges of my mat. They are part of my everyday life and my way of being. Through practising, a new world of self care and exploration opens up. The way we approach yoga reflects in the way we approach our lives. Bringing softness and ease into our yoga practice helps us stay soft and easy in our lives off the mat.

I decided to teach yoga to help others along their healing journey  the way I've been helped. I have trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and Strala.


I aim to help make yoga easily accessible to everyone and guide people through their practice through simple, effective instructions; encouraging natural, easy movement and deepening the breath-body-mind connection. I believe that yoga should feel effortless and natural, and that by breathing and moving with ease, we can connect with ourselves more deeply and meaningfully. Everything else follows from here.

Being a yoga guide, I meet people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities as the joy of yoga brings us together. Every day, I am inspired by the positive change yoga brings to us - and I hope you will be, too.